Where young adults explore the calling they feel on their lives
and turn that inner urge into careers


Are you new to being an adult and feel a BIG CALLING on your life?

What if you could get paid to offer your quirk to the world?

Guiding young adults to turn their Inner Calling into careers they love that pay well.

At Paid to be Me™ we believe that everyone is born with innate abilities and desires that offer clues to how their passions can be directed into fruitful careers. We hold that through exploration of these natural tendencies we can guide young adults on their journey to explore their quirks, gifts, and special nuances to choose education and career paths that serve both their inner desires as well as their financial lifestyle needs.

Benefits of the Paid to be Me™ program include:

  • Uncover the meaning of that deep calling in you for “more.”
  • Learn how to let your gifts be a blessing rather than a curse in your life
  • Meet a tribe of people who “get you” and cheer for your success
  • Customize your education and your unique contribution to serve who you really know you are on the inside
  • Release anxiety and gain confidence about making big decisions, like what to do with your future
  • Develop your personal LIFE ADVENTURE Success Strategy
  • Tap into your hidden gifts and delights and learn their tremendous value to your life
  • Map out a career plan that shows you real life outcomes you can act on now
  • Shorten your timeline to success
  • Become the master of your own universe..with tools and skills to guide you in intentional creation of your own life
  • Learn a sellable, transferable skill you can use to START GETTING PAID even while you study.

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Disclaimer: The results of this program are likely to make you dream and achieve more than ever before. Paid to be Me™ is for students who dream big, or want to be big dreamers. Students seeking a “normal” life will likely not enjoy nor benefit from our program. You have been warned.

Paid to be Me™


A small group program designed for the serious student, dedicated to getting clear on their value to the world and how to get paid for bringing it.

Paid to be Me™


A resource center for the budget-conscious learner. Resources shared to guide you on your own exploration to make your passions your fortune.

Paid to be Me™

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Coming Soon…Weekly Interviews with super rad people who are living their dreams and getting paid well for being their best selves.