Attention Young Adults Who Feel Lost

Just wish someone would tell you what to do to be happy?

Make Even Big Life Choices BOLDLY and with CONFIDENCE Every TIME.

Now you can feel more confident with each decision without giving up your independence.

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How do I know if this can help me?
  • Do you feel lost and have no idea what you want to do with your life?
  • Do you often feel “unsure” whenever you make important decisions?
  • Are you facing some major life decisions right now?
  • Are you determined to live your dream life but need help figuring out what that could be?
  • Are you motivated to make your life awesome but have no idea where to start?
  • Do you secretly just wish someone would tell you what to do with your life to be happy?
  • Do you feel a little embarrassed because you think (or have been told) you should have your life figured out by now?
  • Do you want something of your own but you are afraid you will disappoint your parents if you tell them?
  • Do you feel like you are here on Earth to do something “big” but have no clue how to begin to discover what that might be?
  • Do you wish you had a “Life Roadmap” to help you make good choices every time?

If any of these questions speak to you, you are NOT ALONE!  And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT THAT YOU DON”T KNOW!

You and generations before you have been sold a lie that the only option is to go to college, get a “good job” and be productive in society until you retire at whatever you consider “old” age.  Those days have changed!

While I strongly support the college option if it is a fit for the life you want to live, what I have learned in 20 years as a college professor means I can no longer sit by and tell you it is the only or best option FOR YOU!  

I get it. Those advising you live in a different world.  They don’t really know how to help you choose in today’s economy.  Many of the adults you trust are going back to basics themselves to see how they may do life differently.  The world has changed, and we are all shifting how we show up in it.  


But I can show you how to make it EASY TO MAKE DECISIONS and know that regardless of the outcome of each choice, you will always be moving forward in the general direction of your desired life.  

Rather than knowing all the answers today, I have developed a system that helps you identify your core elements of powerful decision making.  Once you complete the easy and fun activity sheets, you can apply these elements to every choice you make, both big and small. 

Also, you will learn how to BE PRODUCTIVE with your time as you take each step of your journey in a way that is FUN and PLAYFUL.  

Together We DISCOVER your personal journey and CELEBRATE each step of the way as you develop the elements of decision making for your life.  Then, we create a BLUEPRINT for making POWERFUL DECISIONS fast and with CONFIDENCE 

How do you know if the decisions you are making about your career and life are the right choices? 

It’s easy!! 

Once you develop your roadmap to powerful decision making using your own personal BIG DECISION BLUEPRINT model you will create with this course, you begin to apply these elements in your daily life, and…presto…like magic you begin to notice that your life begins to shape into the life you want it to be. 

Here is the thing.  The years are going to pass by regardless if you make a move forward or not.  The difference is, the action takers will move forward and life will honor their motion while those who get caught in indecision will sit by thinking about what they should do while their dreams pass them by.  

This summer I had the privilege of doing my own work with my son, Brayden.  He was feeling uninspired and wanted to quit college. We agreed on a gap year and he would enroll in and complete the Big Decision Blueprint modules with me as his guide. Brayden was diligent with his time and focused on his progress through the modules and then implementing them in real life. After focusing on his own desires, skills, and beliefs for a scheduled 2-3 times per week as planned, Brayden became so clear about what he wanted and super excited to go after his dream that he cancelled the second part of his gap year to head right back to school to keep his momentum going. Motivation was easy after that.

I was actually surprised by his choice. It wasn’t something he had spoken about before this gap season. Brayden had eliminated his true favorite option because of his fears about what it takes to reach his true goals.  Many of these fears, he learned, were limitations that were not even real. What I observed is that once he had the chance to connect with his own path and the guidance for how to direct that attention to actionable goals, the rest is easy and he was excited to get back to school to start executing his plan.  

You likely thought of someone just now who relates to this fear of taking action or even dreaming big. Or perhaps you know someone who talks about the life they could have lived, the decisions they should have made.  Someone who lives in the past and in regret.  You see the dissatisfaction in their lives and you know you want something different for yourself.  Maybe that someone is just a little older than you.  Statistics show that career satisfaction is DECREASING with each generation.  The odds are that you know one of the 80% of 30-something adults who are dissatisfied with their careers right now and want to change.

But you also know someone who went for it.  Someone who showed up again and again to improve their craft and kept going after their dreams even when it seemed they could never win.  But they did. Think of that person right now.  What would it take for you to make those bold leaps?  What would it take for you to feel BOLD and CONFIDENT in your dreams enough to be the one who will SHOW UP EVERY TIME for yourself?  Don’t let fear get in your way of living your life.  Now is your time!  And The Big Decision Blueprint is your solution.  

You see, the fear and anxiety of making choices comes down to one simple thing.  The fear of being WRONG!  

Track that fear and you will notice we attach all kinds of fears to being wrong.  What if I hate my life?  What if I don’t make enough money?  What if I can’t find a job?  What if I can find a job but I have to move away from people I love?   What if I get stuck in this town my whole life?  What if I fail? What if I change my mind?  What if I can’t do it?  What if it legit kills me? What if.  What if. What if.  

STOP.  JUST….STOP THE INSANITY!  There is a better way and it’s an easy choice you can make RIGHT NOW.  

Don’t let this moment pass you by?  I know you feel it.   That aching in your soul to step into the best version of you…and maybe even a glimmer of hope that you can dream even bigger.  I see you.  I believe in you.  And I can take you there….

It’s time to LET GO of the fear that keeps you stuck.

It’s time to LET GO of the “Shoulds” others place on you

It’s time to LET GO of waiting for your dreams “Some day”

It’s time to SAY YES to the life you want.  

It’s time to ORDER your copy of the Big Decision Blueprint TODAY and start stepping confidently into every choice you make in your life. 

You CAN be a powerful decision-maker, and it starts with this one choice NOW. 

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I will see you inside!

Let me help you make life awesome!!!

As a result of working with Professor G, you will be able to drill down, define, and clarify what your actual life goals are and create a powerful BLUEPRINT to keep your progress and life on track while having tons of FUN!