Get Your Money $hit Together Day 2 Activity

What Does Wealth Mean To You?

In today’s lesson, we are considering what wealth means to you. What would it take for you to feel wealthy?  For you to consider yourself wealthy?  For you to believe others would perceive you as wealthy? 

There are so many nuances to what makes up a wealthy life.  My favorite, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” by Thorough is my favorite because it is simple, it encapsulates all that I intend for wealth to be in my life, and it has plenty of room to evolve with me as I grow and learn.  As we go through our life journey, our personal picture of what it means to  “fully experience life.”   In this lesson there is less to learn and more to simply explore and write from your own experiences.  As you answer the questions below, create the right environment for you to allow your inner truth to flow.  Don’t “think” about what wealth is to you.  Feel it.  Really feel what it feels like to be wealthy.  Answer the questions from that feeling of having already achieved all you want. 

What I can promise you is this.  As you grow and evolve, what it takes for you to feel you best will also evolve and grow. You will need more, or less, money.  You will have more, or less, stuff.  You will have more, or less, friends.  Most of who you are will evolve with you.  The time you take to do this piece is corner stone in your personal house of wealth.  While the activity presents itself in a fluid manner, the solidity it adds to your life path is beyond measure.  Take the 30 minutes or so today to complete this activity and achieve your first big step to getting your money $hit together…clarity on what you truly want from life.  You will begin to find, sometimes immediately upon completing this work, that the clarity you now possess ignites an inflow of money to support your new vision.  Allow the support of the cooperating components of your life to aid you now.  Watch the resources find their way to you.  And please remember to tag us @thegypsyprofessor and let us know what shifts for you and all the magic that happens as a result.   Be sure to use the #moneychallenge so we can see you. 

A big hug and off you go to do the “work.”  Remember, this is your life.  Paint it however you like.  And most of all…have fun!

Tips for ways to complete this exercise.

  1.  Solo—doing this alone and with plenty of space is preferred, at least in the first round.  Spending time with yourself can offer you some deep insight into what you want when there is no one else to please with your choices.  I recommend doing this solo as a first pass, and then getting into some activities you enjoy with people you love and see what else comes up for you that you didn’t think of before.  Maybe you discover you love roller blading and want to live where there is a place to go near you home.  That would be a great wealth component to add. 
  2. Partnered—once you have given this some thought by yourself, you may wish to engage someone to share your vision with.  For some, the vision is too delicate to share, and that is okay.  Share it with your mirror.  There is value in sharing what you want out loud and receiving support from those who listen.  Be sure to set the stage for success, however.  Choose someone who will support your vision and dreams, and not someone who will judge you or try to insert their idea of your dream.  This is a listening exercise…and just maybe you can dive in together and do a bit of crazy dreaming together if you want to expand your ideas a bit. 
  3. Group—again, after some personal reflection, it can be powerful to bring your vision before a small group and receive love and support for what it is you are creating.  Doing this exercise with a group holds the power to create collective energy for your dream life.  Keep in mind, as with partners, it is critical that all members of the group are there to support only.  This is your vision.  Allowing a group to expand your ideas is awesome.  Letting a group tell you what is best for you is not.  Hold to your own feelings and decision about your dream as you step deeper into your wealthy life.  You’ve got this!!!

Bonus:  A quick share of some of my results of this work

To offer you a brief example, over time I have considered what I really want from life, and more importantly, what I want to offer life. 

I have found that it is super important to me that I have regular interactions with deep friendships, and also with a community of evolving people and friends who share similar joys so we play well together.  What I need in a home base location, therefore, includes a circle of close friends and a community who actively engage in spirit-expanding activities like singing, drumming, and dancing.    

I have found that I need open air and use my outside space way more than my inside space, including sleeping!  Therefore, any home for me MUST have an outdoor space that is mine to do as I wish.

I have found that I offload a lot of the chaotic energy of life into the water.  Therefore, I must live near a body of water that is fresh and moving and has the power to produce the ions I need to release all the energy that flows through me on an almost daily basis.

I do not take orders well.  I feel disturbed when someone, especially someone I do not trust to be smarter than me on a topic, tries to force me to do something for which I see no value.  Therefore, I have found that working in a corporate environment does not work for me and I have focused my income earning potential on activities I enjoy providing to life. 

These are just a few examples of how identifying what is important to me helped to understand what I need to feel and live a happy life.  Knowing this has helped me to continue to tweak my personal circumstances to fit my desires in a way that seems like magic, but the truth is, it is just a series of giant, and small, leaps I have chosen in life to allow my life to be in flow and JOYFUL!!

Let’s start with some easy questions about recent activity in your life, then we will dive a bit deeper into what it is you truly want, and how that impacts your definition of wealth.

  1. Think of the last three decision you made.
    1. What were the driving forces of those decisions?
    1. What were you hoping/expecting the outcome to be?
    1. How did you feel while you were making the decision?
    1. How did you feel after you made the decision?  Now?
  2. What do you currently do for money to pay your bills and fund your life?
    1. What is your job or business?
    1. How did you get started in that job or businesses?
    1. Think back to when you started this path, what did you imagine it would become?
    1. If you were to find out the way you currently earn money would be how you must earn money for the next ten years, would that be okay with you? Why or why not?
  3. If you suddenly had $1 billion, your family and friends all had everything they want and need, and all of your personal needs were met, what would you do with your time?
  4. If you suddenly found out you had only 30 days left on this planet, what would you do with your time and with whom?  What is the legacy you would want to be sure you left behind?
  5. Imagine you are living your perfect life.  Describe what a day in that life is like.  How do you start your day?  Where do you live?  What do you do with your time?  Who is with you?  What causes, communities or groups do you support?  What activities do you play?  How structured is your life? 
  6.  Now for our final question of this lesson:  Imagine yourself in a time before the programming of others had a chance to affect you…somewhere between the ages of 5 and 15.  Whatever number comes to you fist is perfect.  How did you play?  Who were your friends.  What did you do when you were alone?  What did you hope for, dream of, or care about? Did you have any special nuances specific to you, such as a passion for butterflies or engines?  How did you show up in play, in school, with your parents? 

All of these responses from your child perspective are indicators of who you are today at your core.  Yes, we evolve with time, but our true selves knew us before we learned how to fit into this world and has glorious, helpful clues to what would truly make us happy.   


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