Get Your Money $hit Together Day 20 Activity

Feed What Feeds You

There is a riddle that goes something like this…

There are two wolves.  There is an evil, mean, vicious wolf who would love to destroy and devour everything that moves.  There is also a beautiful, glowing, happy, good wolf who wishes love and light for you and all humanity.  If these two wolves were to engage in battle, which wolf would win?  What do you think?

…answer at the end of this activity J

During this day 20 benchmark point in your money challenge journey, it is time to pay attention to where you spend not only your money, but also your time, energy, and life-force.  Today I ask you to pay attention to what resonates for you.  How do you know something resonates?  It feels like “home”  It feels familiar, inviting, and maybe even loving. 

Throughout your journey, you have worked so hard at the “DO” and now it is time to BE.  Today’s activity is simple.  Choose five activities that make you feel alive, happy, joyful, present, and any other feeling you may wish to embody.  Each day for the next five days, take a moment and do one of the activities.  Feel free to expand this list and just keep doing $hit you love every day…(hint:  This is my “evil” plan is to get you doing things you love.  You know I always stay transparent with you.  I love you.)

Answer: The one you feed is the one that wins.