Get Your Money $hit Together Day 22 Activity

Expand Your Vision

Sit.  The goals for today is to take however many minutes you choose and sit.  No music.  No electronics. No doing.  Just sit. 

Sit until you begin to see in your mind the ways your life has opened up for you in ways that you once thought was only a fantasy, or dream.  In what ways have your realized some of the dreams you had in the past?  What parts of your life today are even better than you ever imagined.  Invite yourself into presence with yourself today.  Sit in awe of who you are.  Where you are.  When you are. 

Want me to guide you? 

LEAP in to your future self by taking a sneak peek at a message I have for you in your future now.  Reach in and invite this guided money meditation to Accelerate your Money Upgrade and Integrate your insights as you move through this last few milestones of the challenge.