Get Your Money $hit Together Day 3 Activity

What Is Your Relationship with Money?

It is easy to consider “relationship when we are speaking of the ever familiar, romantic love kind of relationship.  This same understanding an openness we find in our interpersonal connections will often be reflected back to us in the form of money as well.  If you find that you have a lot of argumentative or victim-based relationships in your life, you are likely to feel like a victim of money, with an internal need to fight to get what is yours.  If you feel ashamed in many areas of your life, or shy, you may also notice that you do not like to show yourself as one having money.  If you tend to be narcissistic, you also would think money owes you and it is all money’s fault for everything in your life.  You get the idea.  The good news, this reflection can also work in our favor.  By identifying areas in our lives where we show up as something less than our full and best expression of self, we have the opportunity to dig into that and see what it communicates about where we are in other areas of life. 

In the exercises for this lesson, let yourself be completely honest with your reflections and it is okay to feel whatever you feel.  Emotions are likely to arise, and realizations are going to seem to “pop” out of “nowhere.”  Trust this process.  By allowing yourself to see your relationship with money, you get to also improve other areas of your life.  And by identifying those areas elsewhere in your life, you can also heal any money *trauma or blockages you have and move into a loving, kind, and serving relationship with money and all those you love. 

*If you have suffered trauma due to money concerns, I recommend you reach out for professional counseling in this matter.  Severe trauma and mental health issues should not be taken lightly and you deserve to have the help and support you need. If financial resources are a perceived block to you seeking the help you need, there are free resources.  We understand when you are suffering from depression and/or trauma related conditions, you may not have the strength to search these for yourself.  Contact our team and our staff will be happy to assist you to find some help.  It is not what we do professionally, but we will do it with you and be by you side as you take that first step. You don’t have to walk alone.  <3 

The exercises here may seem a little strange, but play along with me here.  You will be surprised what insights you find as you play this little imagination game.  I recommend a few moments of meditation and soft breath focus before you begin to center yourself into the exercise and really go there in your imagination.

If money had a name, what would it be?  

Imagine you were about to go on a date with “Money.” 

What would you expect it to wear? 

Where would you go? 

What would you do?

Who would pay? 

Who would make the plans? 

How would you feel getting ready for that date? 

What expectations would you have about the event? 

Great!  Now imagine that you have been married to money for 20 years and you know each other well. 

What do you still love about (insert your name for money here)? 

What issues do you have with “money”? 

Do you feel a need to say anything to money that you have been holding back for some time? 

Say it here…

Now imagine one step further, that “money” has passed on to the next realm and will no longer be here as part of your life. 

What will you miss about money? 

How would you honor its presence in your life? 

In what ways has it made your life better?  Harder?  More complicated?  Less complicated? 

Write a brief eulogy for “money” here.

In this final segment for today, please take a look at your answers above and reflect on what you notice about yourself and your relationship with money by completing this process

How will you direct your thoughts and connection with money going forward? 

What will you change?  Keep?  Share with others?  Hold sacred? 

Finally, what ONE THING will you do today to honor the presence of “money” in your life?

Tips for ways to complete this exercise.

  1.  Solo—doing this alone and with plenty of space is preferred, at least in the first round.  Spending time with yourself can offer you some deep insight into what you want when there is no one else to please with your choices.  I recommend doing this solo as a first pass, and then getting into some activities you enjoy with people you love and see what else comes up for you that you didn’t think of before.  Maybe you discover you love roller blading and want to live where there is a place to go near you home.  That would be a great wealth component to add. 
  2. Partnered—once you have given this some thought by yourself, you may wish to engage someone to share your vision with.  For some, the vision is too delicate to share, and that is okay.  Share it with your mirror.  There is value in sharing what you want out loud and receiving support from those who listen.  Be sure to set the stage for success, however.  Choose someone who will support your vision and dreams, and not someone who will judge you or try to insert their idea of your dream.  This is a listening exercise…and just maybe you can dive in together and do a bit of crazy dreaming together if you want to expand your ideas a bit. 
  3. Group—again, after some personal reflection, it can be powerful to bring your vision before a small group and receive love and support for what it is you are creating.  Doing this exercise with a group holds the power to create collective energy for your dream life.  Keep in mind, as with partners, it is critical that all members of the group are there to support only.  This is your vision.  Allowing a group to expand your ideas is awesome.  Letting a group tell you what is best for you is not.  Hold to your own feelings and decision about your dream as you step deeper into your wealthy life.  You’ve got this!!!


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