Get Your Money $hit Together Day 7 Activity

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

What else is possible?

Let’s begin by opening the door of understanding that you are the creator of your life. 
Do you believe that you have the power to imagine?

Do you believe that from your imagination you can create your life?

Do you believe that you are already creating your life now, both the desired and undesired parts?  

Before we can begin to invite money to flow into our lives readily, we must first understand that we are the creators of our world.  Money is here to support the journey we have chosen, and through intentional creation we can create a flow of resources and cash to support our vision.  From this place of understanding you are ready to open the door for money to come to you in many forms.

Principle 1:  Do not attach your flow of money to any one source.  YOU and your DIVINE are the SOURCE that provides for all you need in this life.  Let yourself release any attachment to a job, business, or activity and invite money to flow to you as you FLOW through life being you.

Principle 2:  Money looks for somewhere to FLOW and does not like to sit.  Money is called currency for a reason, its energy literally comes from the ability to flow.  As your build each new stream of your multiple income strategy, keep in mind that you want to create systems that allow you to put money into action supporting the goals of your life.  If you do not have a system or planned behaviors, it is likely you will end up spending way more money than you need simply because the urge is there for the money to flow.  Instead of overspending, put your money to good use.  As you earn more and more, these systems will eventually have your money doing all the work while you enjoy flowing through life your way.

Principle 3:  Build your house on rock, not sand. There is a parable that tells of a foolish man who built his house on sand and a wise man who built his house on rock.  Now we know we all  love the beach, so how do we get the sand and remain wise;)  The world we live in is more like sand, ever changing and shifting.  Structures and foundations for what we build are more important than ever, not that they be strong, but that they be adaptable AND strong.  Consider bamboo.  Long before you see the tree shoot out of the ground at almost rocket speed (okay, “rocket” is an exaggeration but seriously, for plants it’s fast) the roots go deep.  The deep roots allow the tree to remain intact when the strong winds blow.  Foundation, my friend, is everything.

Principle 4:  Think long term as you create.  It is more important than ever that we look at what we are building to ensure it is sustainable.  This means lots of things.  Sustainable for the environment.  Sustainable for your personal level of energy.   Sustainable for the changing world we live in.  In order to create a solid foundation (aka build on the rock) for your money as you grow multiple streams, find where the world is GOING, not just where it IS.  Consider how shifts of economies, governments, climate, etc would affect the outcome of what you are creating.  For example, if you know the world is moving toward plant-based eating, consider strongly if you want to be in Portland, Oregon promoting beef. 

Principle 5:  Your FOCUS determines your success. Build ONE THING AT A TIME!  This warning comes to you from ancient wisdom, the elders of my youth, and my own personal journey of trying to ignore this principle.  When you attempt to do it all, you do nothing.  There is a philosophy I follow.  When you chop wood, chop wood.  When you carry the water, carry the water.  “Chop wood.  Carry water.  Chop wood.  Carry water”. This is often my mantra when I catch myself with too much “Crystal” going on….Crystal loves to do all the things and chooses “Rainbow” as my favorite color because then I get them all.  But I learned the hard way, focus determines your success.  If you are scattered, nothing gets done well.  So do this for yourself, and if you will not for you, give it  a go for me.  Focus your attention on building one solid income stream at a time.  Whatever that is for you, do that.  It is never a “no” to the other things.  It is simply “not now.”  Allow yourself the gift of focus when you go after something that is your dream.  It will make a world of difference, I promise. 
Let me remind you that at the time I am writing this, I am semi-retired only five short years after completely crashing a business that I had, in my naivety,  tied my personal financial ship to as well.  Anything is possible when you focus.  And once I learned this, my life became completely mine.  I wish this for you today.

Now to your part.

This activity is all about brainstorming.  You may already know what you want to do right now.  If so, use this simply to map out other projects you want to be sure you come back to during your journey, then get focused on the one you really know is YOURS to do right now. 
If you have no idea yet, or are simply not clear among the many options, use this to help you identify all that could be for you, and choose your favorite as you gather more information about each. 

You may choose what to do first based on your intuition, your current situation, your passion,  or something else.  Get clear why you are going after this goal and be sure the choice you make supports the goal.

In order to help you choose, I have included a ranking system based on a few factors.  You may wish to adjust these factors to outcomes that are important to you and use the ranking system to help you determine where to start.  However you choose, I support you and I am eager to hear all about your success as you build each stream of income for your life. 

Enjoy my friend.  You are literally creating your awesome life right now. 

I see you

I love you

I am you

Activity Sheets:  Multiple Streams of Income

Brainstorming Your Best Income Earning Ideas:

Income Ideas  What will be the strategy?FLOW What will you do with the $$?Potential How much income?How I feel about creating this income streamRank How well does this fit my goals?


Income Strategy Selection Template

For your goal, take your top 3-5 income strategies you are considering and compare them using this template. Choose “yes” or “no” and then rank your level of “yes” or “no” on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being “Absolutely” and 1 being “Not at all.”

Goal:  What is the income/goal you desire from this focus?   ___________________________________

Income StrategyYes/No1-10Notes
Does this strategy help me reach my goal?   
Will I know when I am successful with this strategy?   
Can I clearly identify expected outcomes?   
Can I commit fully to this strategy and all it requires of me?

Will I take action and FINISH?   
Will the benefit be worth the costs to me (time, money, effort)?   
Will I enjoy my life while I am using this strategy?   
Does this strategy feel right?   
Do I believe I will get my expected outcome?   
Do I believe I can reach success with this strategy?   

Additional Resources

When working through this lesson, you may wish to have a bit more on the subject. 

I recommend chapter 12 of my book “The Money Shot” called “Diversify your income” for a longer read on this topic.  

If you are looking for the specific strategies for increasing income, check out “The Money Makeover” a simple read with lots of value. 

You may also check out Robert Allen’s book “Multiple Streams of Income” for even more. 

 Download the worksheet here.

For more support using the worksheets provided, you can check out the tutorial in our library.

Tips for ways to complete this exercise

  1.  Solo—doing this alone and with plenty of space is preferred, at least in the first round.  Spending time with yourself can offer you some deep insight into what you want when there is no one else to please with your choices.  I recommend doing this solo as a first pass, and then getting into some activities you enjoy with people you love and see what else comes up for you that you didn’t think of before.  Maybe you discover you love roller blading and want to live where there is a place to go near you home.  That would be a great wealth component to add. 
  2. Partnered—once you have given this some thought by yourself, you may wish to engage someone to share your vision with.  For some, the vision is too delicate to share, and that is okay.  Share it with your mirror.  There is value in sharing what you want out loud and receiving support from those who listen.  Be sure to set the stage for success, however.  Choose someone who will support your vision and dreams, and not someone who will judge you or try to insert their idea of your dream.  This is a listening exercise…and just maybe you can dive in together and do a bit of crazy dreaming together if you want to expand your ideas a bit. 
  3. Group—again, after some personal reflection, it can be powerful to bring your vision before a small group and receive love and support for what it is you are creating.  Doing this exercise with a group holds the power to create collective energy for your dream life.  Keep in mind, as with partners, it is critical that all members of the group are there to support only.  This is your vision.  Allowing a group to expand your ideas is awesome.  Letting a group tell you what is best for you is not.  Hold to your own feelings and decision about your dream as you step deeper into your wealthy life.  You’ve got this!!!


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