Priscilla Maldonado

Priscilla Maldonado

Priscilla Maldonado is currently a student at an undergraduate university in Florida majoring in Biomedical Sciences.  Her interests in the health of the body began as early as age 11.  Priscilla shares that she experienced her first martial arts class and, “fell in love with it instantly.”  What people often do not know when working with Priscilla is that she was an unofficially “Paid” amateur cage fighter by age 16…but on the “down low” of course, since she was still a minor at the time. Priscilla shares that she loved fighting and enjoyed several years doing it, but her nose was “just too good” to risk someone breaking it as she advanced in rank.  She hadn’t given her “too cute to break” nose much thought until she endured a terrible injury, which woke her up to the hard side of fighting.  

From her own injuries and recovery, her interests flowed into body and health matters.  After much exploration of her options, Priscilla feels her gifts could best serve the world if she focuses on the “health stuff” that she likes and see where that may lead.  This exploration landed her in a small university in South Florida, where she was a star student in Professor G’s class.  

Even after dealing with some family concerns that took much of Priscilla’s focus during the term, she remained focused on successfully completing Professor G’s course and learning its values so she could apply them in her life.  She rightfully boasts the title of the “best presenter” in Microeconomics that term. Professor G remarked “That is one of the best undergraduate deliveries of this topic I have ever seen.  Well done!  I am pleased to have witnessed your performance.”  Professor G urged Priscilla to remember that skill for speaking in public as she grows her career.  Priscilla is still joyfully exploring how her speaking gifts may be best put to use in the world as she evolves her career.   

Priscilla plans to continue her education through medical school, and is considering the focus areas such as ER Trauma, Medical Examination, and Pediatrics.  Priscilla is thrilled to have had an economics course that could teach her about life.  She humbly admits, she expected the class to be boring and useless when she enrolled.  Like many of her peers, she saw Economics as, “a part of the curriculum I had to take to get through to med school.”  Now,  she celebrates her accomplishments at each step as she moves through the clear steps in the path to her life purpose. Priscilla feels honored to be offering her gifts into the world as she continues to develop them, as she has clearly defined and outlined in her own LIFE Success Plan.   

What Priscilla says about Professor G

“Professor G taught me the stuff that makes life work.  Getting a job.  Working for a company.  Understanding business, and even being able to advise others a bit.  I have already successfully used the tools she taught me in my life and will keep using them as my career evolves.  I would definitely take her class again!”