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A program that gives you everything school didn’t, but should have as you leave your education journey and begin the school of life.

This is for you if:

  • You are dedicated to living your best life but not sure how to make that happen?
  • You know you have something big to offer the world and want to get clear what that is
  • You want someone to help you figure out what to do with your life
  • You want to be successful and feel unsure what is the right path for you to do that
  • You feel a strong urge to follow your own dreams and the status quo just doesn’t cut it for you
  • You mean business about making a difference in the world and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that vision… if you only knew what that vision is
  • You are serious about making an impact in the world and living your best life while doing it.

The Paid to be Me™ Inner Circle is a place where you will not only get clear on your vision, but also meet other game changers like you who are also positioning themselves to be the intentional creators of their life experience.

Maybe you gave college a try and it didn’t fit. Maybe you are taking a gap semester while the world is confused about how to direct your education. Or maybe you are continuing your college education but you want to be sure you are directing your education to serve you at its best. Regardless of where you are in your learning journey, what I know for sure is if you give your energy to learning who you are, we can build a structure and plan around that glorious, perfectly imperfect YOU that not only will you enjoy, but you will be able to feel proud of and served by. The life you build for yourself CAN BE YOUR DREAM REALITY.

Together in the Inner Circle, we will:

  • Get clear how to use your personal gifts and talents to make money
  • Discover your hidden value and how to use it in your life to get what you want
  • Create a Life Map, including a plan to have the money, lifestyle, and life you desire
  • Make learning a fun and lifelong part of your journey to always be getting better
  • Discover your purpose in life and find your current mission so you know what to focus on next
  • Create your process to always know how to make the money part work for the things you care about
  • Feel supported as you set out to create life your own way
  • Remove the stress of choosing what to do with your life…. with our built in life evolution process that helps you build each new venture from the skills gained from all your previous experiences.

What do I get?


Full access to the Paid to be Me core curriculum including four modules over eight weeks designed to dive deep into your Best Life Formula™

Module 1: Discovery. Take a journey inside yourself. Explore the world around you. Everything we experience, perceive, and feel has valuable information to tell the story of us. In this module we dive deeply into who you are and how to bring the gifts that are YOU into the world.

Module 2: Acceptance. This is the module of raw honesty. Knowledge is not power. The application of knowledge is power. In this lesson we take a real look at where you are, what you believe, what frightens you and what excites you. By looking at the truth of where we are, we are empowered to create what we want. This module guides you to understanding of what has created your life as it is today and what it will take to move you forward.

Module 3: Wu Wei. This is the module where we put together a plan that will work FOR you instead of WORK you. In eastern philosophy, the Wu Wei means “do nothing” but can be better interpreted as “do not force.” While we honor the value of goals and a plan, we structure our planning so that we become inspired into action rather than needing to constantly chase motivation. One of the key elements of this module include to “write it down,” yet we know the real secret to achieving your goals is consistent, inspired action. Yes we build a plan but not one to put on the shelf when finished like most. This lesson helps you build a plan you are excited to participate in the journey of creating.

Module 4: Nourish. Any well laid dream can get easily knocked off its path. In this final lesson of the Paid to be Me program, you will learn how to create your own plan and prepare to easily evolve that plan as life changes. Any singular plan is just that, a plan. Now that you have gained the skills from modules 1 through 3, we can use those skills again and again to nourish our dream. Like a plant that needs regular sun and water, our dreams also need regular nourishing. Hacks for how to adjust and evolve easily are included in these lessons, along with surefire tips to keep you on track with your dreams even when life promises to distract at every turn. This is the part where you learn to stay focused on your dreams no matter what, and even to upgrade them as you grow in experience and new dreams enter your horizon.


Meet other game changers like you and build a strong network now.

Virtual Living Room–24/7 access to a private community forum for Inner Circle members

Weekly group calls: Work together with your peers to propel your journey to success forward

Triad groups to promote accountability and support through each part of the Paid to be Me journey.


Professor G personally committed to the achievement of your vision.

Access to the mentors and resources of Professor G as appropriate

Beta bonus: 12 weeks: Weekly private call with Professor G to accelerate your progress.

Beta Bonus: Daily 15 minute group check in and support call.


Resources Library

12 weeks active daily text support

4 additional weeks email support

Personal Interaction with Professor G throughout beta session


How to put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket every month with one simple change. 

The college choice accelerator (bootcamp style)

Resources for Parents

What to do when your son or daughter wants to quit college

Parent’s of new adults support circle.

Showcase your successes on our Featured Student Page

Paid to be Me™ Core Values


Curiosity is the driving force of our values. Through exploration and inquiry, we uncover truths that require us to seek a new way of seeing the world. Learning is at its best when driven by an innate curiosity to uncover the truth of a thing. Curiosity is the key ingredient for learning.


Connection is the juice that pulls together the fabric of our humanness. We are social beings by nature, and through integrated activities and shared experiences, you will create many valuable connections with those who are game brave game changers like you.


Character is made of up who we are and how we show up in the world. This pillar of our program focuses on identifying the character called “You” and making intentional choices about how to direct the evolution of your life experience to your desires to create your own reality.


Contribution doesn’t start once you’ve “made it.” Practicing the art of giving begins now, with what you DO have to offer at this moment. This pillar focuses on unleashing the gifts you already contain within you to help the world be a better place to be because you were here.


Celebration is the hallmark of our program. We celebrate who you ARE, who you CHOOSE to be, and who you BECOME by diving into the activities of our program. We are here to help you learn to celebrate each moment of your life. We are also here to CELEBRATE WITH YOU as you achieve success!!!!


Courage allows us to achieve, but it does not mean never being afraid. Brenee Brown says that all courage must first engage in vulnerability. We must first experience fear in order for the opportunity to be brave to arise. We are here to help you build your courage and to watch your life soar as you bravely leap into the life of your dreams.