April is National Financial Literacy Month

Welcome to the 30-day

“Get Your Money $hit Together”



During these 30 days together, we will spend about 20 minutes each day live, getting clear on the role of money in your life, setting yourself up for great habits in q2 of 2021, and upgrading your money frequency to invite even more of what you want as the year unfolds.

Each day in the month of April I will go live at 12:00 p.m. EST to offer you a lunch size bite of financial wisdom and direction.  You will receive wisdom I have gathered from more than 20 years as a specialist in behavioral economics and financial strategy in a fun, easy to digest way that you can apply immediately to your life to LITERALLY IMPROVE YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE TODAY!  

Following the live feed each day, I will send you an email with the video download of the day’s lesson along with an activity sheet you may complete to solidify the lesson of the day.  Taken together, the 30 days offer you a complete financial overview and strategy that YOU CREATED with my guidance that you can actually follow with ease.  I have been paid more than $3500 just to put together a plan like this with clients in the past, but you will complete the 30 days with a clear roadmap to what your journey to wealth looks like and specific action steps to take to make this plan your REAL LIFE.  

Listen, time is going to pass whether you take action or not.  One year from today, don’t be that person who is still sitting there saying “I need to get my money shit together.”  It doesn’t have to be hard.  Simple action done consistently offers you so much more than giant leaps at random.  Let’s get you on the path to success, even with money, today.  This is my gift to you, because what I am offering you over the next 30 days literally has offered me a level of freedom in my life that makes NO SENSE given the journey I have been on. Yet here I am, FREE and LOVING MY LIFE!!!
Knowledge is power, but only if you activate it.  If you are serious, commit NOW to giving your future self a well-organized, steadily growing financial portfolio you can feel proud to talk about with your colleagues.  

spiral freestanding calendar on white surface

Still not sure?  I get it.  This money stuff is so taboo, and it can be scary to think you might reveal something so personal and potentially be judged for the choices you have made.  That is exactly why THIS 30-Day Money House clean-up is for you!  You never have to share your personal information with me or anyone and your strategy is based 100% from who you are and what you want.  There are no “norms” when it comes to how much is the right amount of income, savings, spending or any money habit.  There is only you and the life you choose….and how we fund that life.  Let me help you fund the life you really want, not just the life you think you can have. 

Over and over again the thing I hear most from those I help is statements like, “I love how I never felt judged by you, even when I shared some really embarrassing stuff.” and “I am so glad we talked. I feel so much better about the past choices I have made now. I am ready to let go of judging myself for them and move forward feeling in control of money instead of controlled by it.” I promise you, it is much less scary when we do it TOGETHER and in bite size pieces. You can do this!

Here is what to expect during Your 30-Day Money Challenge

  • Day 1: Identify Your Money Story
  • Day 2: Define What Wealth Means to You
  • Day 3: What is Your Relationship with Money?
  • Day 4: Count Your Assets
  • Day 5: Tracking Your Income and Spending
  • Day 6: Create Your Cash Flow Plan
  • Day 7: Building Multiple Streams of Income
  • Day 8: Imagining Your Dream Life
  • Day 9: Funding Your Dream Life
  • Day 10: Assess the Gap to Your Wealthy Life
  • Day 11: Exploring Ways to Bridge the Gap
  • Day 12: Goals, Strategy and Behaviors
  • Day 13: Building Your Financial Basis
  • Day 14: Securing Your Assets
  • Day 15: Create Your Financial Strategy
  • Day 16: Mapping Out Your Contribution
  • Day 17: Pay for Play in a Gig Economy
  • Day 18: Create Financial Consistency
  • Day 19: The Power of Giving
  • Day 20: Feed what Feeds You
  • Day 21: Construct Your Coffers
  • Day 22: Expand Your Vision
  • Day 23: Co-Creating Life Magic with Partnerships
  • Day 24: How to Become a Savvy Investor (even as a beginner)
  • Day 25: Protecting Your Castle–and Livelihood
  • Day 26: Cultivating Residual Income
  • Day 27: What About Coin? Understanding the Digital Economy
  • Day 28: Taking Action on Your Plan
  • Day 29: Tapping in with Money Energy: A guided meditation
  • Day 30: Evaluate, Align, and Adjust