Parents of New Adults Support Circle

Hi Parents! If you are like me, you want to give your son or daughter every chance you can to succeed in life. Also like me, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at times deciding how to do this, and what you can even do to learn or improve your contribution to their lives.

As a mother of two adult sons, I know the feeling of wanting to go from “wishing and hoping” for our children to empowered guidance and direction to help them create the best life they possibly can.

Well, I have good news. After over twenty years as a college professor who simultaneously studied practical application of business while raising two sons with very different needs, I have discovered that success truly can be predicted, mapped, and cultivated. This is why I have developed the Paid to be Me program.

However, I know as a parent you don’t want to simply sign up your son or daughter for a program and wish and hope they do well. We also MUST allow our adult children to become just that, adults. So the balancing of letting go and being ready to assist can be tantilizing. This is why I have opened the program for a parent circle.

No, mom and dad. Sorry. You don’t get to join your son or daughter in their Paid to Be Me work. Your presence simply alters their level of sharing and exploration. It is a hard truth to take sometimes, I know!!! Intuitively you know this is true, don’t you. So here we are, together, wanting the best for our children, and knowing that the best includes stepping away from the director’s chair quite a bit as they evolve.

The Paid to be Me parent circle has three primary goals.

First, we focus on supporting parents who are in the stage of life where letting go is necessary, but hard. You have feelings too. And while you may have forgotten just a bit what it actually means to take care of yourself, now is that time to remember. The support portion of the parent circle allows us to connect with, gain insights from, and feel a sense of belonging with other parents on the same journey.

Second, we offer tools, tips, and resources to help you know what you CAN do to help your son or daughter. We take out the guesswork of how to be a supportive parent, and provide a place to check in for feedback before you present your ideas to your adult offspring.

Third, since many of us find we have the opportunity to learn who we are all over again as our children grow up and begin their own lives, the parent’s circle is here to provide the tools and activities similar to what your son or daughter is experiencing in the program. Using these tools, you can begin your own journey of self discovery and explore what the next phase of your life may look like. We are here to help you, to guide you, and to celebrate you in every step of this journey, including the part where you find yourself again.

I feel excited for you, mom and dad, grandmother and grandfather, guardians and other interested parties. Finally there is a place for you to go where you can cry your eyes out that your child left while simultaneously taking those needs to a safe place to process and heal.

Once you join the Paid to be Me Parent Circle, you will get:

  • Weekly group coaching calls–express your fears, ideas, and gain valuable insight to move you and your adult son or daughter forward in life in a clear and intentional way.
  • Lifetime access to the entire library of Paid to be Me parent resources
  • A complete look into the curriculum and content of the core Paid to be Me program– you can feel secure knowing they are taking real action steps for their future without encroaching their personal journey.
  • 24/7 access to a forum just for you–connect with and gain insights from other parents, including me,
  • A strong network of other parents who are successful in their own careers and may know of the perfect opportunities for you or your child.

Currently, parents can invest in the Parent circle through invitation only. If you believe you may be a fit, please schedule your conversation with me, Professor G, or one of my staff members by entering your data on our home page. We are happy to chat with you and discover if Paid to be Me Parent Circle is right for you.