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Do you trust yourself?

When a true adventurer sets out on a new venture, often the details of “how” are not yet fully clear. Life will often knock us up, down and inside out as we pursue our dreams. This audio of Les Brown is a powerful word of inspiration, hope, and tenacity. My promise to you is if you keep on keepin’ on, stay focused on the vision, and allow the help of your divine inspiration, you too can achieve your dreams. Focused, intentional, inspired action is the key to success. But to get there, you MUST trust yourself to take the big leaps that often show us no glimpse of the road before us until we are in mid air…and sometimes we will fail miserably. But failing miserably in the journey to your dreams still feels WAY BETTER than sitting miserably in the secure life that doesn’t inspire you…and the pain of knowing you had more to give in life is more devastating than any situation could throw at you.
What are you willing to give to your dreams? Do you mean it? Are you hungry?
“You don’t get in life what you want. You get in life what you are.” Make new mistakes daily. Keep the faith. Become the dream, and watch the circumstances of the dream line up to play along. Go for it. You’ve got this!!
happy listening, loves.


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

I see you.
I love you.
I am you.
Professor G