I choose to use this page to simply share with you my story, why I am here, and allow you into the parts of my life that may have a way of touching yours. Enjoy….

Hola! It’s me, Professor G. My friends call me Crystal. Once I connect with someone, we are often and easily friends, so go ahead, call my Crystal. What you get with me is a quasi-dorky 40-something woman with an extreme child-like heart. A mother. A true friend. A wisdom seeker. A proud nerd. A scientifically backed woo-woo kind of gal. A goofball year-round. …and so much more. I am real. I am raw. I LOVE what I do and I gladly share it. I am not proper and I have no interest in pursuing perfection, but simply to improve each day from the day before.

Technology is my biggest area for opportunity so maybe sometimes I make lots of digital mistakes, but I am experiencing life full forward, so I get a little better each day. I am living my life as me, and it just so happens I have a LOT of AWE-MAZING friends in my life who love me as I am. We have a lot of FUN together and LIFT each other up when needed to keep us each in our own form of bliss. Connection is what fuels my life.

I am a mother to two sons, one Millenial and one Gen Z, and I have learned more from being their mother than from any other work I have done on this planet, even my 20+ years as a professor and congruent 12 now as an entrepreneur. They are not my whole life, but they are the inspiration for me to continue into greatness, to show them there is always more possible than what we can see right now. In the past year, a lot of the dreams I have worked toward and wished for them for years are coming true. It wasn’t a perfect road, but I am thrilled to be on this ride with them as they spread their wings into new territory of their own choosing. You will meet them if you hang out in my corner long enough.

What I represent has very little to do with formal education. I am in love with LEARNING and with SHARING what I learn with others who are also eager to learn. I geek out when I see a someone experience a new SPARK of understanding that leads to a deep dive into something they love. For me, it feels like holding the back of the bicycle and watching my three year old son ride away on his own feeling super confident and proud that he had just learned a new skill.

You see, I believe that the skills we learn as we pursue our own interests shape the value we have to offer the world. Everyone gets a degree these days if they want it. So what makes us special isn’t just the degree. It is who we become in the achieving of that degree. What else did you do? What groups did you join? Where did you spend your time when you finished your academic activities? That’s where your juice is. I still love college and find it is a valuable tool when it fits the intentions to move you forward in your career. Yes, formal college still has value. I have simply found a way to make that journey a lot more INTENTIONAL, less expensive, and with a much higher return on LIFE SATISFACTION…a critical element in personal SUCCESS.

What I offer best is a space of exploration to discover who you really are and how that can be part of the assets in your life. I stand with you to rise above the old models of earning and having money into a new model where you get paid for what feels nearly like play to you all day long! Together, we learn how WHO YOU ARE is your biggest GOLDEN TICKET you could ever win. And when we finish, you have a clear plan for how this translates into money and a roadmap to help you evolve your plan as your dreams evolve.

I am not the final solution to your happiness. I am not a magic pill holder who offers you an easy road. I simply offer all of who I am, knowing that when I am me, I MAGNIFY the value of others, naturally. I don’t even always know what the exact CATALYST is, but I know those young adults who come to me in a spirit of learning and growing tell me over and over how much they love what they have learned with me. What I do promise is that if you SHOW UP and do the activities prescribed, you CAN have the life you dream of…even if you don’t yet know what that is.

So here I am, choosing to create all these pages to help you find me. Why? Because I have fallen in love with you, Gen Z. I have loved serving the newly-adulted for over 20 years, but you have something special, and I can no longer serve only inside the constraints of academics. What I have for you won’t be found in a college course, but it will change your life. And I hear you calling me to serve. I feel you asking for a leader, a guide, as you jump into life with no oars and no raft. I feel that you are ready to make giant waves in the world if only someone could guide you with something more than “just get a degree.” I am coming for you. I see you and I know you. I have been waiting for you for 20 years, and my heart sings to know it is our time!!

See what my students have to say here…

“Professor G taught me the stuff that makes life work.  Getting a job.  Working for a company.  Understanding business, and even being able to advise others a bit.  I have already successfully used the tools she taught me in my life and will keep using them as my career evolves.  I would definitely take her class again!”

Priscilla Maldonado, student