Get Your Money $hit Together Day 1 Activity

What Is Your Money Story?

When defining our money story, it is often helpful to look at our general behaviors and reactions to help us gauge where we are in our conversation about money.  In this short lesson, you will simply NOTICE what is your personal money story by tuning in to what you THINK and FEEL around a few trigger questions about money.  

I invite you to allow whatever triggers you to do so.  Stick with it.  This stuff can get heavy sometimes, but I promise you, facing it head on begins to make the money stuff lighter and lighter until one day you will notice when you think of money you feel happy, supported, and excited.  

For now, there is nothing to DO.  Let’s just take a look together and see where you are.  Answer the next few questions the best you can and with whatever comes to you easily.  I recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes just to remind yourself that this is NOT SERIOUS and you can NOT GET IT WRONG.  Just write what comes.  This is a simple insight into your money story.  When the 20 minute is over, stop and feel the accomplishment of having begun your empowering money journey.  Wow.  Go you!!!!

And don’t worry.  We are not defining you by this story.  The goal for today is simple.  


Ready…?  Let’s JUMP!

When you think about money, what is the first thought that comes to your thoughts?   Describe this thought as a story, dialogue, or however it shows up in your mind.  

Looking at the story above, does it feel serving or not serving?  How does your body respond when you are describing this story?  

Does focusing on money set off a chain reaction of other thoughts?  What are they?  Do you enjoy these thoughts?

Let’s look at how you relate to an abundance of money.  Imagine you were just given (through lottery or inheritance) a large sum of money. 

How much were you given?  

What will you do with this money?  

How do you feel about receiving this money?  

Describe the feelings in your body when you think about receiving this large sum of money.

Share the feelings and emotions that feel natural to you when you think about money.  It is ok to say, “Money is hard to come by” or “Money helps me do what I want.”  Do not judge your thoughts as positive or negative.  Simply allow the thoughts.

A little feedback to guide you as you dissect your story:

There is no right or wrong answer in your money story.  There is only what is.  Now that you have captured some of your own money feelings and thoughts, here is a little feedback to help you determine if your money story is serving you at its highest or if you could benefit from diving even deeper into shifting the story you carry. 


Look at your money story.  Is this a happy story of freedom, fun, or some other exciting emotion?  If so, your current relationship around money is one of hope and appreciation for it as a means of exchange.  However, if this story is dismal and leaves you with a sense of heaviness, such as thinking about not having enough, paying bills, or other difficult emotions, there is work to be done on your money receptor.  Perhaps your experiences with money thus far have been that of lack.  Until you rewire the emotional tie to money and create a happy story, it is difficult to build the financial pillar of wealth.  You are subconsciously rejecting money.  Like a toxic relationship where you need the partner but are never quite fulfilled, you can never fully commit or fully receive the love of the other partner.  Likewise, money will not readily give itself up in abundance in a relationship where it brings a heavy burden. 

Another element of your money receptor is your capacity to receive.  Look at your abundant inflow.  How much did you receive?  This may represent your current capacity to receive.  For instance, if you set your story to receive $1,000,000, this may be the maximum capacity you are prepared to receive at this point.  Would you like more, most likely, but your relationship with money to this date is not prepared to truly accept that this is a possibility for you.  If your story was $100,000, this may be your capacity.  Was it multi-millions or even billions?  You are a dreamer who has a large capacity for receiving emotionally.  For you, all we need to do is work on your power to manifest this capacity to receive through your other wealth receptors.  

Now look at what you said you will do with this money.  Are you immediately creating more fun and freedom in your own life with what you have received.  This can be a great relationship with money if you are also prepared to give. Receiving with no thought to give, however, shows the universe that you are not concerned about the overall flow of energy money can create.  In order to keep money flowing, you must be willing to release some of what you have received to help others and/or create a continuous flow of energy in your own wealth receptor.  If giving most of it away before you allow yourself to enjoy what you have received is your plan, you are certainly a giver.  For you, examine your life.  Are you always giving before you allow yourself to receive?  Giving is always great, but we must also be willing to receive for ourselves in order to open our wealth receptors.  As you may see, the key to having a healthy wealth receptor around money is finding harmony among all its parts.