Get Your Money $hit Together Day 4 Activity

Count Your Assets

When we begin to count the assets we have accumulated, we have two approaches we address here.  There is a traditional approach which I call the accounting approach to counting your assets, and then there is a focus on the assets of your life—those skills, education, connections, and other resources you have accumulated in your life that would not have an actual monetary value. 

For those of you who are here specifically to get these lined up and have your financial documents ready for a lender, investor, prenuptial agreement,  or other interested party, I include in this section the accounting approach to counting your assets. 

The document link accompanying this lesson includes several financial worksheets to help you put all of your proverbial financial ducks in a row. 

Use these at your own pace

As you move through the lessons of this course, you will have an opportunity to complete each financial sheet, so don’t pressure yourself to get ahead or do all of the sheets the moment you have access.  If that is your way to work, great, do that.  But most will find that what best suits them is following along one lesson at a time and naturally allowing the sheets to fill themselves out with the instructions of each lesson.  Choose your own way.  I tend to be more from the first crew who thrives on long, focused sessions project style more than with daily commitments. Find your rhythm, but most importantly, if you find yourself procrastinating this task, ask yourself where you have made this a “should” goal for yourself and allow yourself grace.  Then adjust accordingly.  

For this lesson

–download the google sheet provided with your course link and create a new copy so you will have the ability to edit the document as you please. 

–Complete the “Assets” portion of the sheet called “Statement of Net Worth.”  To value your assets, use to your best knowledge the current market value of everything you own.  Use the categories provided, add your own, and remove any that do not fit.  Make this your own. 

Pay attention to items in BOLD as they contain formulas you may not wish to interrupt.  If you ever mess up the document, first try my favorite button, “undo”.  If that doesn’t get what you need fixed, simply download and enter your data again and keep going.


Now that the details are handled, let’s talk about what else in your life has value that we want to recognize here.  The prompts below are designed to help you identify the things in your life that you have experienced, collected, or pressed through to create the person you are today.  While not all of these may have monetary value, they do HAVE VALUE, and can often provide more than any amount of money could buy for the unique experiences of you.  Allow yourself to use the prompts below to imagine all the ways you have accumulated value in your life until now.  Add more categories, as many as you wish.

Write in this part as if you need to demonstrate the value of your life before a counsel so you can get accepted back in to “Earth School.”  Consider how what you have seen, done, experiences, achieved…how it all contributes to the value of your life. 

When we understand that money is simply the container that holds for us our life force offered, and it keeps it for us until a time when we call on it to put our life force out in order to receive something else.  It is all a cycle, and any “evil” or “shame” thoughts about money begin to dissolve in the light of its truth.  Be grateful to money for being the vessel through which many of these experiences came to you.  Be glad and rejoice in the knowing that you are held in divine light and your life force never goes out in vain. 

Hugs and live to you so much as you expand this piece of you. 

I see you

I love you

 I am you  

For each prompt you can think of for this exercise, write everything you can think of that shows something valuable to you.   List as many ideas as come to you, and feel free to return to this document as often as you wish.  This is a time to focus on what is GOOD!

Where have you traveled?

Who have you been in romantic relationship with?

Who has been your friend through the years?  Maybe they cycle, maybe they are steady, or some combination.  Include those friends who have come and gone but left blessings in your life.

What types education have you been fortunate enough to embrace?

What skills or hobbies have you developed over your life?

What groups are you connected with?

Who is in your family?  How do each of these family members improve your life?

What teachers have you encountered in life?

Where do you live?  What do you love about it?

Keep going…

What else has value in your life that cannot be measured using a sheet called “assets”?  Keep writing as long and as often as you feel inspired.  This is the time when you get credit for what you HAVE experienced in life.  Grab your favorite beverage and keep writing.  You’ve got this baby!!!

Tips for ways to complete this exercise.

  1.  Solo—doing this alone and with plenty of space is preferred, at least in the first round.  Spending time with yourself can offer you some deep insight into what you want when there is no one else to please with your choices.  I recommend doing this solo as a first pass, and then getting into some activities you enjoy with people you love and see what else comes up for you that you didn’t think of before.  Maybe you discover you love roller blading and want to live where there is a place to go near you home.  That would be a great wealth component to add. 
  2. Partnered—once you have given this some thought by yourself, you may wish to engage someone to share your vision with.  For some, the vision is too delicate to share, and that is okay.  Share it with your mirror.  There is value in sharing what you want out loud and receiving support from those who listen.  Be sure to set the stage for success, however.  Choose someone who will support your vision and dreams, and not someone who will judge you or try to insert their idea of your dream.  This is a listening exercise…and just maybe you can dive in together and do a bit of crazy dreaming together if you want to expand your ideas a bit. 
  3. Group—again, after some personal reflection, it can be powerful to bring your vision before a small group and receive love and support for what it is you are creating.  Doing this exercise with a group holds the power to create collective energy for your dream life.  Keep in mind, as with partners, it is critical that all members of the group are there to support only.  This is your vision.  Allowing a group to expand your ideas is awesome.  Letting a group tell you what is best for you is not.  Hold to your own feelings and decision about your dream as you step deeper into your wealthy life.  You’ve got this!!!


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