Get Your Money $hit Together Day 6 Activity

Create Your Cash Flow Plan

I have great news!!! There is not a lot to learn for this lesson.  How lucky are you!!  This is the one where you dive into what you do with your money and put it down on paper.  So let’s get straight to the point today and get you on your worksheets getting a super clear picture of how your money flows in and out of your life.

How to use these sheets.

  1. Open the google doc provided adjacent to this activity sheet (and pasted below).
  2. Save a copy of the document so you will be able to use it and make changes. You may also choose to download and use as an Excel document.   
  3. Go to the sheet called “Income and Spending Plan” Enter what you know about your own data into the worksheet. Track anything that is fixed spending, such as power, phone, rent, etc.  Also, track what you know you  typically spend on other items too.  The closer you get to your actual numbers the more powerful you can be in your decisions about money. 
  4. Notice your excess, or shortage, of funds in your cash flow plan.

Remember, for today you are simply gathering the numbers.  We don’t need to fix anything, get in a panic about anything…not about making more money if your numbers are short, or investing our money right away if we have excess.  Getting the numbers on paper is one of the first steps to taking control.  There will be plenty of time to evaluate behaviors you learn from this and what to do next as we progress. 

Once you complete this task of listing your spending and income, tag us and let us know of your accomplishments @thegypsyprofessor #moneychallenge

You’ve got this!!!

* Download the worksheet here.

For more support using the worksheets provided, you can check out the tutorial in our library.

HELP: I am stuck!!

If you are struggling to get started, I recommend setting a timer for 45 minutes and simply gather and enter your data while the timer ticks. If you do not finish, you can set another timer right away, take a break and come back, or set a timer each day until you are complete. There is no wrong, slow, or better way to do this. I recommend your favorite mood enhancer substance while you work on this…make it fun. Shots for each bill anyone? Okay, just kidding about the shots….maybe that comes after you finish. Either way…enjoy!!


Tips for ways to complete this exercise

  1.  Solo—doing this alone and with plenty of space is preferred, at least in the first round.  Spending time with yourself can offer you some deep insight into what you want when there is no one else to please with your choices.  I recommend doing this solo as a first pass, and then getting into some activities you enjoy with people you love and see what else comes up for you that you didn’t think of before.  Maybe you discover you love roller blading and want to live where there is a place to go near you home.  That would be a great wealth component to add. 
  2. Partnered—once you have given this some thought by yourself, you may wish to engage someone to share your vision with.  For some, the vision is too delicate to share, and that is okay.  Share it with your mirror.  There is value in sharing what you want out loud and receiving support from those who listen.  Be sure to set the stage for success, however.  Choose someone who will support your vision and dreams, and not someone who will judge you or try to insert their idea of your dream.  This is a listening exercise…and just maybe you can dive in together and do a bit of crazy dreaming together if you want to expand your ideas a bit. 
  3. Group—again, after some personal reflection, it can be powerful to bring your vision before a small group and receive love and support for what it is you are creating.  Doing this exercise with a group holds the power to create collective energy for your dream life.  Keep in mind, as with partners, it is critical that all members of the group are there to support only.  This is your vision.  Allowing a group to expand your ideas is awesome.  Letting a group tell you what is best for you is not.  Hold to your own feelings and decision about your dream as you step deeper into your wealthy life.  You’ve got this!!!


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